Monday, January 31, 2005

MorphX, King and Phosphor

Years ago, when I was still using Mac OS 8.something-or-other, I nicked some image morphing application off an FTP server somewhere. Ummm, I think it was called Morph 2.5.1, curiously enough [Edit: Yup. Found the old Gryphon Software pages for "Morph" through The Wayback Machine.] I tried figuring it out, but it made no sense to me. About 18 months after I got the application, I found an instruction manual PDF for it, but by that time I had lost interest. Remember, also, that I was running a PowerComputing PowerCenterPro 210, with not a lot of RAM, so even if I could have gotten it figured out, any rendering of a smooth sequence would've taken forever. I abandoned the idea, and that app is probably still sitting on the hard drive of my dead PCPro 210, in its original box down in the basement.

Fast forward to a few days ago.

I was looking for something else on MacUpdate, and saw this free little app called MorphX. After reading what little the author had on his website about the application I decided to give it a try.

As inspiration for some practice with the application, there was a faint echo in my head from about 8 months ago when several of my pals on the Adobe Photoshop Forums saw a picture of me and thought I looked kind of like Stephen King. I don't see what they see, but then, over the next couple weeks, a few other people—out here in my little corner of meatspace— have, unsolicited, said the same thing. So, I decided to go find a picture of Mr. King, and have a go with MorphX. Below you'll see the results.

Do we look alike? Ehh...maybe a little. Is the QT Movie I made a little spooky? Yeah, I kind of think so.

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