Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fast 50 in a Little Box

So, you think you know your way around? It's a little tougher than I remembered it to be.

I first heard of the "50 States" test from my Mom. She said they used to play it at parties when she was young, but, couldn't have been called the "50 States" test back then. For some reason I never tried it until 20 years later during a really dull afternoon when a bunch of my buddies and I were rained off of the driving range and into the clubhouse bar.

Think about the United States. When you click on the image at the top left of this post, you'll be taken to the test page. Immediately a 10 minute countdown timer will start. Set your cursor in the little text field and type as many of the 50 states as you can. Spelling counts, and so do spaces. You can use all lower-case letters if you want. When you type it correctly, that state will get added to an alphabetically ordered list below the text field, and the field will reset to get ready for the next entry.

The picture above is the screen shot of my result. I think for everybody, those last few are the ones that will suck up a lot of time on the countdown clock. Took me about 90 seconds to get the last one.

There's also another version that keeps all of your entries visible for inspection in the order you type them (I find this version easier, since I made my mental tour geographically, and not alphabetically).via IronicSans

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