Thursday, October 18, 2007

Little Content, No Style

Apologies for the state of SparkBox.

While the dearth of content is solely the result of my laziness, the lack of any sort of design is the fault of Comcast.

They're in the process of increasing the server space allotments for subscribers—from 25 MB per account to 1 GB per. In the meantime, they've somehow thrown a spanner in the works and all the images that I have hosted there, which should display elsewhere, don't.

Had a couple confabs with a good guy named Eric at a local (York, PA) Comcast Call Center (he even called me back!). They've had some other complaints, so they know there's a problem and will be working to fix it. Considering my laziness, I'm not going to move all my images to another server while I wait this out. Also considering my luck, 5 minutes after I'd get done copying the images and updating the links, Comcast would have the problem fixed.

In the immortal words of Kilgore Trout (and Linda Ellerbee): "So it goes."

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